Kolmisoft, a creator and developer of all in one solution – softwich with billing and routing functionality, has released a free community edition of its platform MOR focused on the startups and entrepreneurs who are willing to start a VoIP business, the company announced.

Kolmisoft’s versatile application can be used for various VoIP business models (wholesale, retail, prepaid and postpaid), branded with provider’s logo and integrated with the provider’s back-end or toolbox.

Running on Asterisk, MOR easily handles even 300-500 simultaneous calls on a single server, the company claims.

The free version has the same features and functionality as the commercial edition, just limited to ten concurrent calls.

“We had a free version in the past along with first release of MOR, then went to a trial version, but our customers did not like it because they knew the next call they would get was from a sales representative, or the trial period would expire before they could even finish testing,” Kolmisoft CEO Mindaugas Kezys said.

“With the new release, Kolmisoft is hoping to help companies with low budget to start VoIP business and upgrade the software to commercial edition only when their business begins to grow.”

Apart of 15 new futures, MOR 8 comes with two new modules: Mobile Number Portability add-on enables mobile telephone users to retain their mobile telephone numbers when changing from one mobile network operator to another and Recordings add-on allows to record selected users’ calls for monitoring purposes.

According to Kezys, by using MOR 8, telecom companies can effectively provide VoIP services sparing more time for marketing their product instead of worrying about infrastructure. “Kolmisoft support team can easily take care of VoIP related problems by client’s wish,” he said.

“This version of MOR is the most reliable and powerful in Kolmisoft history”, CEO of Kolmisoft stated.

He added that the platform includes a “how to make a first call” guide and has default provider Kolmisoft so users could instantly test the system, see how call is billed and start using MOR system for their VoIP business.

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