Barracuda Networks announced the European launch of its Barracuda Backup Service, a local and cloud-based data backup and disaster recovery solution.

It combines the Barracuda Backup Server for restoration on the local network with the Barracuda Backup Service, a cloud-based backup service hosted by two data centres in Europe.

This new service provides a SME/SMB data backup solution from a single vendor, can back up data directly from nearly all operating systems and comes included with backup software to natively provide application backups of Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft SQL Server and Windows System State.

The company claims they had designed an advanced data de-duplication technology: their backup service reduces the storage and transfer requirements for backups by analyzing each file at the bit level and only copying, transferring and archiving new bit sequences. This technology is applied within a single file’s revision history as well as across the entire backup volume.

“Customers in Europe, particularly those in the midmarket, have trended toward on-site solutions for data backup and recovery primarily due to security and privacy concerns,” said Carla Arend, program manager, IDC European Storage Software and Services Research.

“Barracuda Networks’ approach in combining a server on site for fast restore of data locally as well as replicating data offsite should serve this market, as well as larger enterprise customers, very well because it has a very reasonable pricepoint and is backed by strong security for data protection.”

According to Michael Hughes, Barracuda vice president of channels, their backup service offers Europe’s SMBs and SMEs access to enterprise-class data protection and disaster recovery at a “fraction of the traditional cost.”

“Simple to use and occupying up to 1/50th of the normal backup storage footprint, customers are welcoming the Barracuda Backup Service for its convenience as much as for its exceptional value,” he said.

Barracuda Backup Server pricing starts at £899 depending on model and Barracuda Backup Service plans start at £59 for 100GB of storage per month.

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