IPsmarx has released Version VI of their Direct DID solution based on "service provider demand for an affordable way for their customers to make international calls."

According to the company, with the IPsmarx Direct DID Solution, corporations and call centers are able to maintain many phone numbers with multiple area codes and have them forwarded anywhere in the world.

For example, a corporation located in Hong Kong, may have a US toll-free number ring at their office for the convenience of their US customers.

Using this new solution, calls can be forwarded without routing through an IP phone. The calls are placed using a landline or cell phone eliminating the need for an IP phone or internet access.

The IPsmarx Direct DID Solution also supports multiple DID numbers. For example, a client could have phone numbers in London, New York, and South Africa all routing to his cell phone in Toronto.

“Business professionals on the go need multiple phone numbers around the world and the ability to forward calls to one number,” says the company.

Using DID solution, Call Centers streamline their operation by avoiding the need for PSTN gateways and IP phones. They now have the flexibility to route many different DID’s to one call center with no additional hardware needed.

Service providers, that use DID platform, can offer a toll free number that is forwarded to a call center in a different country.

"The Direct DID solution is an excellent addition to IPsmarx’ line of VoIP solutions, as it compliments our Softswitch and Calling Card platforms very well," said Ludymar Reveron, Sales Manager with IPsmarx.

"Our existing service provider clients are already implementing this feature to expand on their current service offerings," he added.

At the enf of July, IPsmarx and DIDX have agreed a partnership with the aim of allowing VoIP service providers to extend their global reach.

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