The Swiss brand nvp3D introduced the FreeD Multi-Media Player – the first portable autonomous 3D monitor for viewing without glasses.

This device is autonomous, that means there is no need of a computer connection to view. The content – videos and photos – is displaying on 7-inch monitor from the SD card. Autonomy of the player is limited by the battery to approx. 2 hours.

nvp3D have been using larger autostereoscopic screens for more than two years but their price remains high and it wasn’t easy for people to acquire content. Now, the company assures its device is priced accessibly for the public at large – already loaded with several short 3D films, it is offered on their site for 450 Swiss francs (~$425).


The Swiss company, based in La Croix-sur-Lutry near Lausanne, actually specialises in 3D documentaries, thus to develop a solution for providing access to 3D content for viewing on the screens, they have worked jointly with manufacturers like Pavonine (Korea), Vestel (Turkey) and Inlife (China).

They piloted the new player in the final development phases for Inlife, inventor of the product. Initially designed by Inlife as a Photo Frame, the player has evolved in the direction of a 3D video reader.

“As a small Swiss business, we are please to have been involved in the development of this product, which marks a turning point in the history of 3D,” said Philippe Nicolet, director of nvp3D.

The company’s is, as they claim, the first site dedicated to the world of 3D without glasses. It offers free downloads of content in the appropriate format, to be transferred to the SD card of the autostereoscopic monitor.

At first, the company will provide videos produced by nvp3d, but they hope very quickly to expand the offer to other source of both videos and photos from amateurs and professionals alike.

The site will also post general info on the world of 3d without glasses.

The city of Lausanne, that has lent active support following the release of its first 3D film about the town, will obtain a few FreeD Players to introduce its residents to the new technology, and to serve as a 3D souvenir for honoured guests.

Swiss Watch TV, owner of the nvp3D brand, is currently seeking investors to finance a project to create live 3D television in Switzerland.

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