Nowadays, network security is one of the key factors in operating successfully in the telecom industry. Fraudulent schemes are becoming more sophisticated, leading to huge revenue leakages for VoIP providers. That’s why it’s critical to have an automatic system that detects fraud schemes and prevents losses.

Speedflow’s Guardian Revenue Assurance Mechanism, integrated in the MediaCore Solution, analyzes VoIP traffic to reduce the threat of fraud and revenue loss. It achieves this by using proactive algorithms. It reviews traffic based on a range of factors, including ASR, ACD, PDD, number of attempts, etc. If Guardian detects any suspicious changes, it immediately notifies the technical support team.

As time is crucial, with Guardian you can react instantly and block the destination or check it manually.

To make the Revenue Assurance Mechanism easy to use, Speedflow included a helpful Guardian Wizard in the latest MediaCore release. It supports both automatic and semiautomatic modes. This convenient feature helps users set Guardian up in just a few minutes.

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