The new year is firmly underway and time is running out for submitting your nominations and votes for’ 2008 Man and Product of the Year awards.

But with voting expected to be close in both award categories there’s plenty of opportunity for latecomers to make their mark.

In the product section, submissions can be made for any product launched in 2008 that has particularily impressed.

Among the leading contenders in this category are Ifbyphone, HelloSoft, ShoreTel and Cypress Communications.

Described as an "innovative telephone application platform" Ifbyphone is praised for the introduction of its "innovative new data mash-up, which links phone call data to web-based ad information".

Fans of HelloSoft particularily highlight the company’s move from desktops to mobile handsets and the potential that offers.

ShoreTel is picked out for showing it "can stand up to the big boys and dominate". Readers have no doubt this is a growing company people are going to hear a lot more about.

Eli Katz, CEO XConnect

Equally, Cypress Communications is praised for its hosted and managed IP Telephony solutions, which are "unmatched by any within the VoIP industry today".

For Person of the Year, XConnect’s founder and CEO, Eli Katz, is vying with Peter Dietrich, CEO of Mobivox, for the honor.

They may be favorites but don’t let it stop you putting forward other contenders.

But please don’t delay – we need your product or person nominations before the end of January.

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