Mobile VoIP expert, EMCC Software, has developed a VoIP engine for Nokia’s S60 smartphone platform.

Built-in VoIP capability has been absent from some of Nokia’s more recent models using S60.

Garry Partington, CTO of EMCC, said this may present a significant barrier to companies wishing to create VoIP applications or provide VoIP services.

“Our technical expertise and platform experience has enabled us to overcome a major hurdle that prevented effective deployment of a VoIP solution across the S60 platform which accounts for around 50 per cent of the smartphone market,” he said.

“We were concerned that the uncertainty caused by the absence of such a solution on certain handsets may be a limiting factor for companies wishing to develop VoIP solutions.”

EMCC’s cross-platform VoIP engine is capable of being installed on S60, Windows Mobile and other platforms that lack built-in VoIP capability.

A fully functional engine, it does not rely on any of the in-built handset capabilities and can be deployed “Over the Air” (OTA).

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