Industry hype surrounding unified communications (UC) may cause seismic shifts across the business world – but the changes could take up to a generation to impact.

That’s the findings of a study by In-Stat into UC such as IP PBX and how they will make fundamental differences to how people work.

David Lemelin, an analyst at the company, said: "Real transformational changes will take more time, perhaps even a generation, to accomplish.

"But it’s possible that a new generation, dubbed ‘Millennials’, bringing to the workplace communications habits formed in their early years, portends more rapid adoption."

The sorts of changes likely to be adopted at work include personal habits, like text messaging and social networking.

The study also dealt with suggestions that around 50 per cent of enterprises are either evaluating, installing or already running UC applications.

In-Stat said the claims about UC uptake could prove accurate because definitions of UC are so wide-ranging, including both instant messaging and IP PBX.

A survey in June by Interactive Intelligence found that 87 per cent of businesses were planning on investing in UC, with VoIP and SIP driving the move.

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