XConnect, the world’s largest provider of VoIP federation peering services, has announced that the DIGITALK SIP Application Server has been certified XConnect-Ready.

To obtain the certification the server had to complete interoperability testing based on SIP signaling and ENUM queries with XConnect Federations.

Eli Katz, XConnect CEO, said the impact for customers would be to make VoIP federation-based routing quick, simple and easy.

He said the certification ensures DIGITALK customers, such as Telfort, BT, and Cable & Wireless, will be able to rapidly connect to XConnect

Peering Federations to reduce the costs of terminating VoIP calls to millions of telephone numbers in the XConnect registry.

It will also protect their networks from spam-over-Internet-telephony (SPIT) attacks and reliably deliver new IP communications services across disparate and often separate mobile, wireline and IP based telephony networks.

Justin Norris, managing director of DIGITALK, said the XConnect Ready certification is another way of ensuring that DIGITALK solutions enable integrated capabilities for the future.

"The voice industry is moving towards Peering Federations that integrate peering and ENUM registry services to increase the efficiency of interconnection and routing, leverage new approaches to LNP, and deliver enhanced IP Communications services on more calls to their customers," he said.

XConnect enables multi-media communication, reduces capex and opex and enhances call quality for service providers via its multi-lateral XConnect Alliance, DirectRoute and Private Federations services.

XConnect Federations are carrier-neutral peering environments that deliver complete signaling interoperability, intelligent ENUM Registry services, and VoIP security for the interconnection of XConnect Members.

These include voice over broadband providers, MSOs, and PTTs. The XConnect Ready Partner Program is an ecosystem of vendors and solution providers dedicated to facilitate service provider peering.

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