AudioCodes has launched new high definition VoIP technology – VoIPerfectHD – that it believes delivers higher voice clarity, better intelligibility and richer sound.

The company says that it also significantly improves a user’s experience by doubling the audible voice spectrum.

It expects the introduction of HD VoIP to extend its reach to both enterprises and service providers, allowing entry into new market segments which will benefit from enhanced clarity and better speech intelligibility.

Among key segments expected to benefit from this new introduction are banks, government, military, health, telemedicine and education.

AudioCodes’ HD VoIP is designed to enable enterprises to improve worker collaboration resulting in higher productivity and enhanced customer service quality.

Service providers are expected to benefit from differentiating their VoIP offering and services by increasing call length and having a higher Average Revenue per User.

In addition, application providers and ISVs are capable of effortlessly enhancing their solutions in order to meet stringent voice quality standards.

AudioCodes plans to embed HD VoIP across its product portfolio throughout 2009.

AudioCodes says its new product is aimed at what it believes is VoIP’s general failed to deliver ‘better-than-PSTN’ quality mainly due to its 3.4 kHz bandwidth limitation connected with the use of legacy narrowband speech codecs in VoIP networks.

A statement from the company said that, with the advent and growing spread of IP broadband networks, wideband speech codecs which encode 7.1 kHz of the voice spectrum can now be effectively deployed to double the bandwidth and improve everyday voice communication quality to a level similar to that of conference room quality and/or FM radio.

"AudioCodes has been working over the past few years and increasingly in 2008 to implement a group of standards-based wideband speech codecs including G.722, AMR-WB, Microsoft RTAudio and others for use in wireline, wireless, cable, enterprise and internet applications with the goal of leading the transition towards increased use of HD VoIP in evolving voice communication networks," the statement said.

AudioCodes VoIPerfectHD implementation of HD VoIP relies primarily on AudioCodes leadership in DSP, voice coding and voice processing technologies, and their application to VoIP communications and conferencing.

It implementation as a unified infrastructure for all AudioCodes’ products allows the offering of HD VoIP capabilities and benefits across all of its products ranging from Multi-Service Business Gateways, Media Servers, Media Gateways and DSP chips to IP Phones.

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