Success is a step by step process which requires patience. AVOXI, after a fruitful takeoff of the Network Partner Program in South Africa, has made the decision to unveil the programme globally.

Telecommunications can be thought of as the world’s prevalent machine, looped together by multifarious networks, mobiles, telephones and Internet-linked computers. This worldwide system touches practically all of us. It consents us to not only express ourselves through speech, but also share beliefs and transact business deals with absolutely anyone, irrespective of where they may be located in the world. AVOXI is a prime candidate in the industry with network action centers and headquarters in the US, UK, Jamaica., Costa Rica and South Africa

Eldest Vice President of Channel Global Programs, Felicity Menge, has voiced her enthusiasm about spear heading AVOXI’s new exertions: in her statement, she said she is anticipating growing their clientele trades by offering them a proficient Level 1 package that is non-negotiable on consumer sustenance and consistent services. She further added her praise for their channel associates and the improvementthat they have witnessed in South Africa, and that AVOXI is looking forward to expanding its trades to the rest of the world.

AVOXI propositions three prime viable models: managers sell AVOXI patented services in exchange for continuing commission overheads while the resellers and suppliers sell the group under their own trademark while setting their own rates.

AVOXI’s debut products which include toll-free services for over 130 republics, Native numbers for 5,000 cities in 60 countries globally and a fully practical Cloud PBX are the services that network partners sell.

In accordance to Menge’s explanation, the specifics of their AVOXI channel partner programme: the partners have proprietorship of their own customers as well as their very own white-labelled ACSA policy to manage their consumers, not to mention the capacity to work in diverse languages and with diverse currencies.

That is not all, AVOXI channel partners also have unlimited access to inordinate solutions as the concern has done the rigid work in ascertaining and laying out the finest hardware and groundwork nearby so channel partners do not have to. This guarantees that AVOXI can deliver them with the supreme, dependable and modest suites in the market.


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