BOE, the panel maker based in China may possibly start mass production of affordable RGBW Ultra HD TV panels by the second half of 2014. These reports are in accordance with the industry rumors.

LG Display was previously projected to be the chief fabricator of the technology in 2014 as part of LG’s plan to compete alongside Taiwan manufacturers in the low-cost Ultra HD TV panel subdivision. Conversely, as BOE continues to increase its merchandise, the establishment is now seemingly eyeing the low cost HD TV technology, with an intention to go into mass manufacture sometime within the subsequent half of the year.

However, there have been mixed thoughts from market surveyors on the production of the low-cost HD TV panels. This is due to different frequencies used as likened to high-end pieces. Regardless of this, Ultra HD TV panel consignments are projected to reach 13-15 million entities in 2014, with Innolux estimated to vessel over and above half.

Innolux has strategies in place to ship an assortment of Ultra HD TV panels in 2014 oscillating in magnitudes from 40-, 42-, 50-, 58-, 65-, 75-, and 85-inch, as well as 50-, 58- and 65-inch.

In the intervening time, Digitimes Research freshly reported that Korea-based manufacturers will most probably alternate the frequency of the panels to 60Hz and adjust the RGBW sub-pixel preparations as to lessen the costs.

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