Ozeki has announced its next generation VoIP technology Ozeki Phone System XE, a software that made the company the first in the world to offer 3D video calls utilizing VoIP.

With Ozeki's precision-engineered software, the scene is set for VOIP telephone providers and other companies to offer 3D video calls to their customers.

The new technology is poised to transform visual industries such as online conferencing, product shows, sports broadcasting and many others.

3D video calls on the Ozeki software can be initiated from any windows PC. For the calls to be made, you need Cyan/Magenta 3D glasses as well as two ordinary USB webcams. The 3D video calls can be made and viewed on PC, mobile phone or from any web browser. The 3D sound and video can be seen and heard simultaneously in several browsers, enabling users to reach a wide audience. This greatly increases the usability of the new system across many fields, especially product shows and broadcasting sports events.

VOIP providers can offer 3D video calls and broadcasts to their clients through Ozeki Phone System XE software as well as a windows server. 

You can find more info here

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