Samsung's sales per quarter have reached 90 million for the first time. This means that Samsung Electronics has beat Apple with over 50 million units of sale. On the other hand, China’s Huawei is now in the third place after LG electronics showed some slowdown in sales in its third quarter smartphone sales.

According to an American market survey company, Strategy Analytics, Samsung sold 88.4 million smartphones in its third quarter. This saw it clinch the first place in sales with 35.2% of the market share. This means that one in every three smartphones sold was made by Samsung.

Apple sold 33.8 million units after the release of the iPhone5S. This saw a 2.6 million increase in sales compared to the second quarter. However, its market share dropped by 0.2%. Neil Mawston, SA Analyst indicated that Apple is poised to get back on its track in Q4 with sales from its iPhone5S.

Huawei ranked  in third place with 12.7 million units, representing 5.1% market share. LG, which was in third place in Q1 and Q2 sold 12million units, representing 4.8% market share. Meanwhile, China’s Lenovo closely follows LG with 10.8 million units representing 4.3% market share.

Neil Mawston indicated that Samsung’s Galaxy S4 had a reduction in sales, but the Galaxy Y and Galaxy Note 3 had good sales.

He also indicated that the global smartphone market in the third quarter is 251.4 million, which grew by 45% as compared to last year. He asserts that six out of every ten mobile phones sold around the world are smartphones.

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