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Panasonic annonced that it has developed the world’s largest 152-inch 4K x 2K (4,096 x 2,160 pixels) definition Full HD 3D plasma display. The display features a new plasma display panel (PDP) Panasonic developed with its new quadruple luminous efficiency technology.

According to Panasonic, self-illuminating plasma panels offer "excellent" response to moving images with full motion picture resolution, making them suitable for rapid 3D image display.

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Aiming to bring Full HD 3D TVs to the market in 2010, Panasonic steps up its efforts in developing the related technology. The company has just developed a 50-inch Full HD 3D compatible plasma display panel (PDP) and high-precision active shutter glasses that enable the viewing of theater-quality, true-to-life 3D images in the living rooms.

The new PDP and glasses evolved from Panasonic’s Full HD 3D Plasma Home Theater System that was developed in 2008 and comprised of a 103-inch PDP and a Blu-ray Disc player. The prototype PDP has a 50-inch screen, which is expected to become the most popular size for home theaters.

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