Panasonic annonced that it has developed the world’s largest 152-inch 4K x 2K (4,096 x 2,160 pixels) definition Full HD 3D plasma display. The display features a new plasma display panel (PDP) Panasonic developed with its new quadruple luminous efficiency technology.

According to Panasonic, self-illuminating plasma panels offer "excellent" response to moving images with full motion picture resolution, making them suitable for rapid 3D image display.

The company claims the new panel achieves a higher illuminating speed, about one fourth the speed of conventional Full HD panels.

The panel also incorporates a crosstalk reduction technology, essential for producing clear 3D images. Compared to other display technologies that use line-at-a-time driving method, PDPs use frame-at-a-time driving method that gives PDP TVs an advantage in crosstalk reduction in principle.

Panasonic has developed this technology to minimize double-image that occurs when left- and right-eye images are switched alternately. The development has resulted in the 3D compatible plasma display that can render clear and smooth high-quality pictures by accurately reproducing video sources.

(photo Gizmodo)

“The new 152-inch panel also uses a new technology that enables even and stable discharge,” as the company states.

“Thanks to this discharge technology, the new panel can provide full HD images for left and right eyes formed with twice the volume of information as regular full HD images across the vast expanse of the screen equivalent to nine 50-inch panels with super high resolution (4,096 x 2,160) – four times the full HD (1,920 x 1,080) specification – while maintaining the brightness.”

Because 3D plasma displays can reproduce highly realistic images, they are considered ideal not only for home theater use but also for a wide variety of uses such as business, medical, education and commercial applications.

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