WD has expanded its enterprise family of hard drives to include the next-generation 2 TB capacity.

The company says it is the largest and only 2 TB enterprise-class hard drive shipping today. Combining 64 MB cache, dual processors, and increased areal density, the RE4-GP hard drives yield twice the processing power – and produce a 25 per cent performance improvement – over the previous generation.

Tom McDorman, vice president and general manager of WD’s enterprise storage solutions business unit, said its GreenPower technology platform is the first 3.5-inch hard drive platform designed with power savings as the primary attribute.

He said the drives reduce average drive power consumption by up to 50 per cent over currently available competitors’ drives and are ultra-cool and quiet, all while delivering solid performance.

"Energy efficiency is a primary concern for our customers who continue to look for ways to reduce their carbon footprint without compromising reliability or performance," he said.

"WD’s RE-GP drives enable them to meet their customer’s system requirements for storage capacity, reliability, performance and cost by integrating an enterprise-class drive that simply consumes less power than traditional hard drives."

The new WD RE4-GP 2 TB hard drive are intended for use with storage-hungry applications, such as:

  • cloud-computing infrastructure
  • large-scale data centres
  • data archive and tape replacement systems
  • commercial video surveillance
  • digital video editing houses

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