EMC Symmetric VMax is the latest breakthrough technology from EMC. It provides for a virtual data center with high end storage and scales up to 2 PB of usable protected capacity, writes Samantha Sai for storage.biz-news.

Unlike alternate arrays, it equips its customers with an ability to consolidate workloads with a comparatively small footprint.

These systems will be available immediately.

Joe Tucci, EMC Chairman, President and CEO said: "The shift from physical to virtual computing is being driven by efficiency gains too compelling to ignore.

"Virtualization’s ability to maximize resources and automate complex and repetitive manual tasks is overtaking the server world and is now happening in the storage world.

"EMC is leading the way with the biggest breakthrough in new high-end storage design in nearly two decades, enabling storage customers to deploy a flexible, dynamic, energy-efficient information infrastructure and get the maximum value for their investment."

The new architecture can be deployed with flash, Fibre channel and Serial Advanced Technology Attachment (SATA) drives.
Virtualized and physical servers are supported including open systems, mainframes and system hosts.

The Virtual Logical unit number (LUN) technology moves data to the right tiers and redundant array of independent disks (RAID) types at the right time.

Virtual provisioning efficiently allocates, grows and reclaims storage.

The Extended distance protection replicates data over distances and achieves zero data loss protection.

Information centric security systems with advanced RSA security technology have been built in to keep the data safe; reduce risk and improve compliance. The high end storage array uses multi core processors to lower power costs and IOPS per dollar.

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