VMware continues its expansion of hybrid cloud platform currently available in over 75% of the global cloud market.The company has revealed the capabilities of the new hybrid cloud service together with the third party mobile app services, whose design “seeks to allow application and enterprise developers to easily support the changing needs of contemporary businesses.”

Currently, many businesses look up to the contemporary mobile apps in order to drive loyalty, differentiation, and revenue. This is according to the general manager and executive vice president of the Hybrid Cloud Service VMware, Business unit, Bill Fathers.

Bill further added that VMware is continuing with its pace of their cloud expansion with the aim of making their vCloud Air the leading hybrid cloud platform in the industry for deploying, building, scaling, and operating the more recent mobile-cloud applications.

It has only been a year since the introduction of VMware vCloud Air and the hybrid’s cloud platform has swiftly stretched their global footprint and now provides Asia-Pacific, US, and the European business of different sizes with the most reliable path to cloud.

Currently, they boast of eight data centers in Japan, the US, and UK with an announcement that they will be expanding, through a SoftBank Telecom Corp joint venture, to the Asia-Pacific regions. VMware also publicized their strategic corporation with China Telecom in order to build a top notch hybrid cloud service in Beljing.

vCloud Air is anticipated to avail a wide range of pre-validated solutions offered by the different independent software (ISVs) vendors. These mobility specialists offer their clienteles with a selection of proven capabilities in order to meet a range of customer needs while keeping up with the rapidly dynamic mobile landscape.

The information director of the San Francisco Ballet, Murray Bognovitz, added that the disaster recovery service by VMware vCloud Air provides them with a dependable recovery services and a seamless connection which has helped them increase their resiliency even with minimum investments.

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