SecurStore has warned that companies need to ensure a reliable IT disaster recovery plan is in place when times are tough.

The online, automated and managed data backup and recovery specialists said that the current economic difficulties meant that customer service is going to be the all important differentiator throughout 2009.

It said the list of what can go wrong in the working environment is extensive, so it was essential to ensure that services ccould still be provided to clients in the event of power failures, natural disasters or sabotage is paramount.

Alexander Eiriksson, COO of SecurStore, said many companies were living dangerously, operating without a reliable backup and recovery plan, which he described as a major risk.

He said companies that are using 30-year old tape backup technologies are just as insecure since tapes notoriously suffer from reliability issues.

Virtualisation technology is increasingly being seen as a cost-effective and immediate disaster recovery plan.

Using Virtualisation, companies need fewer servers leading to a reduction in hardware maintenance and reduced IT employee working time.

It also simplifies IT management, minimises space and saves power, all leading to reduced costs.

"Gartner recently published a report that ranked Virtualisation as third in a list of 10 technologies that CIOs will focus on to realise value from existing assets," said Eiriksson.

He said specialists such as SecurStore offered simple, cost effective agent-less, online backup and recovery solution that enabled organisations to maximise their virtualisation strategy while achieving superior data protection and recovery management without performance degradation.

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