Does your organisation need technology products, solutions and services that drive innovation and rapidly scale up or down to meet changing times?

Well, look no further than HP, the world’s largest technology company, says Manoj Bhoola, Country Manager, HP Enterprise Severs, Storage and Networking, HP Enterprise business.

HP has unleashed new products onto the market, among them HP Neoview Advantage, an enterprise data warehouse platform which supports real-time insight and decision making, allowing customers to respond to business events faster.

This release offers dramatic improvements in perfomance, capacity, footprint and manageability, says Bhoola.

HP Neoview Advantage is also designed to reduce the cost of ownership with industry-standard components and prebuilt, pretested configuration optimised for warehousing.

Manoj Bhoola

"The HP Neoview Advantage solution is flexible to be used for a very large data warehouse solution, as well as a data warehouse that is much smaller, but requires high through-put.

"This is an enterprise solution based on our robust Non-Stop architecture within a bladed solution," says Bhoola.

HP has also launched the HP Converged Infrastructure Architecture, a solution which delivers a technology environment that rapidly adjusts to meet organisation’s changing needs.

HP Converged Infrastructure addresses IT sprawl, the main cause of technology spend being focused on maintenance instead of innovation.

"Technology is a fundamental contributor to business innovation," says Bhoola.

"With HP’s portfolio of products, services and solutions, organisations can build technology environments that deliver the outcomes that matter today and tomorrow," he adds.

For customers who do not want to build infrastrature themselves, HP Enterprise Services provides a full range of IT outsourcing services to deliver an HP Converged Infrastructure.

Organisations can outsource all or part of their infrastructure based on their business needs.

HP also offers flexible financing solutions for customers deploying an HP Converged Infrastructure through HP Financial Services, the company’s leasing and life cycle asset management services subsidiary.

HP Financial Services makes it easy for customers to deploy technology that meet their rapidly changing business needs.

Asked if the global recession had anything to do with the timing of the launch of the new products, Bhoola said it was important for companies to be proactive to survive difficult times.

"During an economic downturn organisations look towards all areas within their business to either reduce costs or find new innovative ways to increase profits.

"HP has an ideal solution that will reduce costs by implementing a converged infrastructure, as well as make organisations data warehousing more effective by providing a solution that is built on their Non-Stop architecture with the flexibility of a bladed system," says Bhoola.

New research conducted on behalf of HP shows that more than 90 percent of business decision makers believe business cycles will continue to be unpredictable in the next few years. As a result, 80 percent recognise a need to be far more flexible in their approaches to business and technology.

And given this situation, how is HP responding to ensure that it is always on top of the situation?

"Products are continually innovated and updates are provided to meet certain business requirements.

"HP’s solution offerings has evolved with the current unpredictable market conditions in mind, and launched products that will assist organisations to become more flexible to adjust to their business requirements.

"Businesses more than ever need to have the ability to see around the corner, and a strong Business Intelligence (BI) solution will assist with this.

"The HP Neoview Advantage will provide a robust infrastructure that will support these requirements," says Bhoola, who has a background in computer science and marketing and has been in the IT industry for over 25 years.

Bhoola attributes HP’S success to continuous investment in its people and innovation.

"Many organisations have reduced product lines to reduce costs and cut back on innovations.

"HP continues to improve solution offerings to better optimise customer infrastructure by leveraging off of industry standards and providing unified management software to enable improved elasticity of customers’ infrastructure investment.

"HP is unique in that they have continued to invest in innovation and continually update their product offerings responding to the market requirements," says Bhoola.

Although the African continent is a huge growth area for HP, Bhoola says South Africa remains the major driving force of technology.

"Many organisations still set up offices in South Africa and then launch their Africa business from SA. Doing business in Africa is becoming much easier in that the infrastructure is being addressed and matches many first world countries," adds Bhoola.

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