Compuware, software and consulting provider, announced it has completed its acquisition of Gomez, one of the two major forces in web application monitoring services that has a leading SaaS solution for desktop/laptop web application monitoring.

“This is a very interesting and potentially game changing move in both the end user experience monitoring and the application performance management (APM) markets,” Jean-Pierre Garbani wrote on the Forrester Blog for Vendor Strategy Professionals.

The closure of the $295 million cash transaction brings about 270 new employees to Compuware, including the complete Gomez leadership team. Jaime Ellertson will remain with the organization and serve as President of Gomez, the Web Performance Division of Compuware.

"IDC believes the Gomez/Compuware marriage is a good match with little overlap and lots of upside," wrote Mary Johnston Turner, Tim Grieser and Melinda-Carol Ballou of IDC in a report titled Compuware Expands SaaS Portfolio With Gomez Acquisition.

"With the completion of the acquisition, Compuware will be able to address a customer’s full range of in-house and internet-based application performance management requirements on an end-to-end basis," the report says.

Compuware will retain the Gomez brand, technology portfolio and business model while moving purposefully to achieve additional technical, sales and marketing synergies. The firm says they expect the acquisition to be operationally accretive this fiscal year.

The combination of the companies’ significant SaaS revenues makes Compuware the world’s leading SaaS infrastructure management provider, as the company claims.

"We’re thrilled to welcome the Gomez team to Compuware," said Compuware President and Chief Operating Officer Bob Paul.

"Together, Compuware and Gomez will-through a solution that features rapid time-to-value, ease of use and real-time answers-give IT and business executives the optimal application performance they need to drive brand image, customer loyalty and revenue."

Gomez, the Web performance division of Compuware, provides the platform of Web application experience management solutions used by organizations to optimize the performance, availability and quality of their Web and mobile applications, and proactively identify business-impacting issues.

The on-demand Gomez platform integrates solutions for Web load testing, Web performance management, cross-browser testing and Web performance business analysis that test and measure Web and mobile applications from the "outside-in" – across all users, browsers, devices, and geographies – using a global network of over 100,000 locations.

According to the company, over 2,500 customers worldwide, ranging from small companies to large enterprises – including 12 of the top 20 most visited US Web sites – use Gomez solutions to “increase revenue, build brand loyalty, and decrease costs.”

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