Android users in need of additional cloud storage need to find out SurDoc’s plans of providing free storage up to 100GB alongside SSL security encryption and Android support. You can find lots of popular cloud backup services in the industry but SurDoc offers interesting plans. Although this company has been around for some time, most Android users may not be acquainted with it.

Currently, SurDoc has three plans for its users ranging from the 100GB to the unlimited storage plan, depending on your budget. Although the free plan comes with 100GB of storage, it has a few shortcomings such as allowing you to view or annotate just 30 docs a month.

However, the 100GB plan of $2.5 a month eliminates some of these limitations, moving your document support to 300 docs a month. Lastly, a plan of $8.33 a month accords you unlimited storage in addition to removing other restrictions.

Surprisingly, SurDoc suggests your cloud data is under the protection of prying eyes and than no one can access it, not even SurDoc’s staff.

To access the SurDoc application on your Android, you should visit the Google Play Store and download it free. However, you need 4.7MB of storage and Android version of 2.2 and above. Besides, the company has Mac and PC apps that allow users to backup and manage their documents. The web interface allows users to access their own accounts using other devices.

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