Within hours after LG announced its 105-inch curved HDTV, Samsung also reported that it will have a huge, curved TV that will be displayed at CES in January. This seems to be the ongoing trend.

Samsung will showcase the curved TV at the CES (Consumer Electronics Show) in Las Vegas. The screen will exceed the standard 3,840 by 2,160 resolution commonly seen on 4K HDTV’s. Thus, the screen’s resolution will be about 5,120 by 2,160. This will give the screen an aspect ratio of 21:9 rather than the standard 16:9 aspect ration commonly found on most HDTVs and on 1080p. Besides, the number of pixels will exceed to 11 million from 8 million.

Considering the earlier announcement that LG made, Samsung is referring to its 105-inch, curved UHD TV as the first, biggest and most curved TV device. While ‘most curved’ may be a hard claim to oppose, first and largest may be questionable as LG’s 105UB9 4K HDTV will also be at the same show.

It is worth noting that LG’s 105UB9 is a 105-inch screen as well with a 5.120 by 2,160 resolution plus an aspect ratio of 21:9. Since both concepts are shared by Samsung and LG, it will be difficult to rule out in of the screens as the winner.

Interestingly, neither Samsung nor LG have reports whether their screens will be accessible for sale. Therefore, if you would like to purchase the 105-inch, curved HDTV in 2014, you may not easily find it. And even if these gadgets are availed, you can anticipate a price tag of over $20,000 just for one of the models. In the meantime, both curved and big screens will be showcased at the CES unless of course one of the companies reports commercial availability at the showground.

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