Vijay Karamcheti, CTO, Virident Systems to give Luncheon Address on the "Real World Challenges and Opportunities of Storage Class Memory in the Data Center" at 2009 NVM Conference

Storage Class Memories (SCM) have been touted as the memory of the future – blending the high performance of DRAM with the persistence, high capacity, and low cost of solid state storage.

Systems, sub-systems and software for these new memory hierarchies are just now coming to market using enterprise class Flash, and in the near future, new memory types like Phase Change Memory.

The internet data center may represent an attractive new market for these new technologies.

These new systems and memory approaches are clearly a very exciting development for the industry, but like all new technical innovation, it comes with a unique adoption curve that is a function of software, systems, semiconductors and customer requirements and expectations.

At the 2009 NVM Conference, ‘Beyond Flash – Defining SCM’,  Karamcheti, also  Associate Professor of Computer Science at NYU has been invited to give a special luncheon keynote speech on the real world challenges of implementing Storage Class Memories now and for the future. Dr. Karamcheti will share key lessons from Virident’s experience building systems and software using the first generation of newly emerging storage class memory technologies, and highlight future challenges and untapped opportunities.

The 2009 NVM Conference will also have two panel discussions. Session 4, the first panel is on the memory components for Storage Class Memories (SCM) either RAM-based or cross point storage-based components and what applications they can serve.

Session 4 Panelists are:

  • IBM – Richard Freitas
  • Industry Memory and Storage Executive – Steffen Hellmold
  • Intel – Al Fazio
  • Numonyx – Sean Eilert
  • Qs Semiconductor – Bob Goodman
  • Unity Semiconductor – Darrell Rinerson

Session 7, the second panel is on ‘Emerging Architectures for SSDs’ that illustrates new ways SSDs can be developed and architectured within the new storage hierarchy that uses SCM or further enhancements on NAND Flash.

Session 7 Panelists are:

  • Fusion-io – David Flynn
  • IBM – Andy Walls
  • Intel – Sanjay Talreja
  • SandForce – Radoslav Danilak
  • STEC – Scott Stetzer
  • Virident – Vijay Karamcheti

Attendees will be able to glean how to improve the design of their memory components whether it is Flash, DRAM, PCM, RRAM, or other technologies and to enhance their cache and SSD products.

These issues with SCM and their likely candidates are being examined at the 2009 NVM Conference ‘Beyond Flash – Defining Storage Class Memories’ put on by Web-Feet Research and Denali Software.

The 2009 NVM Conference will be held during Denali’s MemCon event on Wednesday, June 24th at the Santa Clara Hyatt.

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