DataSlide, the massively parallel green storage company, has announced their embedded architecture and Partnership Network agreement with Oracle.

Oracle’s Berkeley Database embedded onto the DataSlide storage drive enables 3rd party developers the ability to implement next generation Business Intelligence right onto the storage system. This is a significant step for DataSlide as they move towards productizing Hard Rectangular Drives(TM) HRD(TM).

DataSlide’s Hard DB fits Oracle’s Embedded Global Business Units OEM Charter by incorporating BerkeleyDB into the actual storage device itself (essentially a low energy, cool running, high performance, shock resistant hard drive) to make a ‘smart’ storage device.

The potential applications are many and varied. Examples are TCP/IP based systems and video applications requiring multiple concurrent streams, media indexing, fast positioning, forward, back, skip, scene/track will have significant performance improvements with this winning architecture.

"DataSlide’s Massively Parallel architecture with 64 heads per surface could saturate a 32 lane PCI express bus," said Charles Barnes, CEO of DataSlide. "The Hard Rectangular Drive(TM) HRD(TM) has the industry reliability and cost advantages of Hard Disk Drives with superior performance and lower power then Solid State Drives.

The HRD(TM) is over 60% lower power then HDD and during idle the media has zero power dissipation making it the GREEN storage winner."

Hard Rectangular Drives(TM) HRD(TM) Architecture

DataSlide capitalizes on standard base process technologies to dramatically change how Hard Disk Drives are made. Leveraging mature cost-effective LCD and HDD processes to create an ultra thin massive 2D head array which enables symmetric read and write performance of 160,000 random R/W IOPS with transfer rate of 500MB/s.

DataSlide’s revolutionary storage media architecture provides the performance, capacity, cost, power and reliability that Hard Disk Drives and Solid State Drives are striving to achieve. DataSlide’s HRD(TM) sets a new standard for IOPS/Watt.

Hard Rectangular Drives(TM) HRD(TM) Availability

DataSlide is currently in discussion with a number of Storage and System OEMs and can provide more details under a non disclosure agreement. DataSlide will be holding private meetings at the Santa Clara Hyatt Regency from June 22nd through 25th during the Memcon 2009 conference.

DataSlide is focused on revolutionizing the storage industry. Bringing together innovation, using standards based mature manufacturing process technologies from LCD, HDD, and semiconductors, the company is developing ultra low power green storage drives with unmatched performance, capacity, reliability, and significant power reduction over traditional disk drive technologies.

DataSlide has a seasoned management team from companies like Seagate, Connor, Quantum, Maxtor and HP. DataSlide is a privately held company with locations in United Kingdom, France and United States. DataSlide has affiliations with academia from Carnegie Mellon University/DSSC, Universities of Cambridge, Exeter, Sussex, Sheffield and Brighton in the UK and Paris-Sud in France, and is backed by Angel Investors.

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