DTM Systems Corporation has achieved HP Virtualization Solutions Elite Partner status for Advanced Virtualization Expertise.

To be selected as an HP Virtualization Elite Partner, companies must provide expert service and support and offer clients complete virtualization solutions – from capacity planning assessments to design, installation, configuration, data migration, training, and post-installation services.

DTM Systems is also a HP Storage Elite Partner, HP ProCurve Elite Partner and the #1 HP Enterprise Partner in B.C.

Virtualization technology has quickly become the primary focus for many businesses; it not only provides consolidation for x86 servers but has now moved into every aspect of I.T., from servers and storage to desktops and applications. Virtualization lays the foundation for Cloud Computing and will continue to be the most important development in I.T. for the next decade.

As Hewlett Packard continues to remain at the forefront of Virtualization solutions, they recognize the role of partnerships, like DTM Systems in bringing this concept to life to address real-world technology issues.

As businesses increasingly demand adaptive, efficient I.T. infrastructures, HP remains our most important strategic partner," says Ted Smith, Vice President of Sales & Marketing for DTM Systems. "We’re honoured to be recognized for our virtualization expertise and our ability to build virtualization solutions around HP’s broad portfolio of technology offerings."

In addition to being a HP Virtualization Solutions Elite Partner, DTM Systems is a VMware Enterprise, VIP Partner, Citrix Gold Partner and Microsoft Gold Partner with certifications and expertise with the three leading providers of Virtualization technology.

DTM Systems has been in the technology industry for 30 years and has always been at the leading edge of its evolution.

We design and implement solutions to help organizations adapt and thrive in the face of an ever changing economy and we pride ourselves on forming the best partnerships with companies that follow our core values of competency, integrity and trust.

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