The Chinese commerce firm Alibaba is keen on launching its cloud computing services in the U.S. and this became clear after they announced the establishment of a data center in Silicon Valley.

The Silicon Valley data center (location still unknown for security reasons) is Alibaba’s first center outside China. The Chinese giant claims to have more than 1.4 million cloud services customers in China and its expansion to the U.S. is in line with its plan to expand to Southeast Asia and into Europe before the end of the year. 

Microsoft, Google, and Amazon Web Services are among the leading cloud players in the United States and it will be interesting to see how Aliyun (an Alibaba development) will thrive since they are going to offer similar services as the aforementioned giants.

Some of the notable services that they are keen on offering include data processing and cloud storage, load-balancing for companies running websites, data security, and a virtual serve.

Aliyun is yet to announce its prices but they said that their services will be “cost effective”. They also added that there first target will be Chinese companies with American business interests, but they will later develop and ramp up their services to appeal to international companies as well by the end of the year.





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