Akamai, one of the world’s biggest providers of Content Delivery Network (CDN) services, is expanding its business operations in Canada. The company has just announced the opening of its Toronto sales and services office.  The new office will support employees focused on sales, services, engineering, and security, and will complement Akamai’s existing Ontario location in Ottawa.

Akamai’s growth in Canada has expanded in the areas of financial services, media & entertainment, manufacturing, health care, public sector, and commerce, with Ontario being the province with the Company’s largest customer base.

Akamai is hiring in both Toronto and Ottawa for engineering roles in the areas of Web Performance and Enterprise solutions.

Canada boasts 33 million internet users, with nearly 95 percent of its total population being internet-connected. Over the last five years, the country’s high broadband (connections greater than 10 Mbps) adoption rate has increased by 589 percent. During that same period, Canada’s 4K readiness rate (connections greater than 15 Mbps) has increased by 710 percent.

Akamai is currently serving and protecting the online presence for the six largest banks in Canada, many ofCanada’s most successful retailers, and has served as a force behind major online events for several of the national media broadcasters such as CBC/Radio-Canada during the Olympics, the 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil, and for the upcoming 2015 Pan Am games in Toronto.

SHOP.CA is becoming Canada’s leader in online shopping, providing “a unique Canadian experience that combines an authoritative selection of products, unparalleled service and a social loyalty program that rewards members on every purchase.” Launched in July 2012, SHOP.CA has become the fastest growing retail site in Canada and a top 10 most-visited, Canadian-owned ecommerce site.

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