The race to drive up flash memory storage capacity has a new champion in the form of A-DATA Technology.

The Taiwanese company has just announced the highest capacity of SSD in the industry at CeBIT 2009 – the 512GB XPG 2.5" SSD.

Designed for notebook and PC enthusiasts, the memory module maker says it is aimed at users seeking both a fast transfer rate and high capacity SSD.

With a fast transfer rate up to 230MB/s and 160MB/s read and write, the 512GB XPG 2.5" SSD certainly delivers.

It has an adopted standard high speed SATA II interface and comes equipped with a tough but lightweight case.

Although the world’s second largest vendor of memory modules, it is normally overshadowed by companies such as Samsung, Toshiba, SanDisk and Western Digital in the flash memory capacity stakes.

512GB XPG 2.5" SSD’s features include:
1. Read up to 230MB/s Write up to 160 MB/s
2. Interface: SATA I/II
3. Operating Temp.: -10°C~70°C
4. Shock Resistance: 1500G/0.5ms
5. MTBF: 1,500,000 hrs.
6. Dashing, durable, lightweight Aluminum casing

1. Dimension: 100.0*70.1*9.2 mm (LxWxH)
2. Weight: 85+/

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