It is known that Apple fans have for their devices hundreds of thousands of applications to choose from, but which are the best of them? In this article we will try to find the most interesting and effective tools for those who are interested to know the latest news in the media.

AP News

AP News is one of the best programs of its kind, although it has nothing revolutionary. The software includes articles, photos and video clips on the latest news. AP News has a clear interface, easy to use and supports news feeds of local news and weather.

NPR iPad

NPR iPad is very useful for users who want to know the latest news in music, arts and media. The design is simple, clear and easy to use, with three horizontal lines that bring users the latest articles and songs for each section. Internet users can listen to the song they want from the thousands of options available in the playlist. The player will start at the bottom of the screen in one click. In addition, you can explore all the details of the program while listening to the chosen song.


Those who are already addicted to the StumbleUpon site will definitely appreciate the similar program for the iPad, and others will be surprised by the ability of the online publication to find the most interesting information on the web and put them all together. Just select the topics you are interested in, such as nutrition, fitness, travel, design, etc. and StumbleUpon will gather the newest and the most commented news and articles.


CNN app is very useful for those who are greedy for news of any kind. The application can be seen in magazine type format, with a mosaic made up of text and photos, a list of titles or a format with large photos linked to articles. This layout quickly shows you the most important information and other features such as live video news, updates every hour and videos for most of news are making this app very efficient.


For comic books fans, there’s the Marvel app. This is one of the most effective ways to track your favorite stories on the iPad. Each publication of its kind – here being included an important selection of free titles – can be explored page by page or in "guided tour", which helps user to easily choose from a very wide range.

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