Adobe today released much awaited updates to its Flex 4.5 and Flash Builder 4.5 software. The new release enables developers to create cross-platform apps successfully for iOS, Android and BlackBerry.

This release will facilitate functionality of the adobe Framework, which was released in this year April. In fact, Adobe framework support was extended alone for Android from the day of its launch and these latest updates enabled this facility for rest of the operating systems as promised by adobe earlier.

Adobe introduced several other applications along with these updates that were built through their latest software and informed that these applications will be available soon for the three app stores Itunes, BlackBerry App World and Android Market. There are few games in this list to be introduced such as Mr. Mixit and Pyramix, Conqu-a task management tool, Muni Tracker for San Francisco’s Public transport system and Netflix Queue Manager by UnitedMindset.

The announced updates are credited successfully with many productivity improvements according to the Adobe. Also, it is informed that these updates will enable Flash Builder 4.5 with the best practice code templates for developers along with code completion and code generation features. These additions will definitely create significant acceleration for the Flex and some more Action script applications. These things will deployed by adobe through Adobe AIR. It is expected that this AIR will support more than 200 million platforms by this year ending.

This latest updates release from Adobe got significant influence over the Apple. Earlier Apple imposed a ban over the usage of the third-party development tools and that left many developers away from the Adobe’s Flash, Sun’s Java and Microsoft Silverlight and some more. Now, the latest updates from Adobe in the favor of iOS is lifted another special environment for developers to develop apps with more ease and comfort.

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