Samsung is already planning the release of the following Galaxy Note, hoping that it will be another big success, coming slightly bigger than the previous one.

According to The Korea Times, Galaxy Note III will be of 5.9 inches, while Galaxy Note II was 5.5 inches, and it is expected during the year. Phablets are very popular lately, with an expanding group of customers looking for a gadget that is not just a phone, but is also not a tablet. Hence, Samsung knows very well that the very successful Galaxy Note II needs to be replaced by an equally successful gadget. Still according to The Korea Times, Galaxy Note III will sport an 8-core Exynos processor, in order to meet with all our needs for speed and performance.

Although we are not sure yet whether the rumors are true, we can assume that there is a need for a competitive Galaxy Note, while there is also a trend of creating slightly bigger gadgets. After all, there was another rumor that the Galaxy Note III will feature a 6.3-inch screen. It wasn't that long ago when Samsung launched Galaxy Note II, selling within a few months 10 million units. This was a great accomplishment for the company, which gave them even bigger credit in the phablet market, but this won't necessarily last forever. The competition is higher than ever, with ZTE and Huawei having already released phablets of similar size, trying to win the customers that are looking for more affordable gadgets. Thus, except for the constant threat of Apple, there are also new competitors, who seem ready to claim their percentage of the market.

It is now Samsung's turn to prove us one more time that they know how to create impressive products. And the first rumors that are related to Galaxy Note III don't seem bad at all. Let's wait for the announcements.

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