We never run out of iPhone-related rumors and this month could not be an exception. Although we have heard of various rumors lately, some of them keep coming around, which might actually show a sign of validity in them.

According to the Chinese tech site "EMSOne", Apple is planning to release a cheaper version of the iPhone during August, in order to attract the emerging markets and eventually increase their reach. It is rumored that this affordable version of the iPhone will cost almost half the usual price of the popular smartphone, around $330, which makes it very appealing to a wider audience. Of course it won't be exactly the same as the more expansive version, but this doesn't mean that it still won't be an iPhone. In fact, the only rumor that we currently hear is that it will be made of polycarbonate, which is not a significant disadvantage, at least not for those that anticipate to buy their first iPhone at a lower price.

Although we are not certain yet about this rumor and whether Apple really plans to release a cheaper version of an iPhone, the arguments are taking placing all over the Internet. The advocates of this rumor believe that iPhone was overpriced for no obvious reason up to now, which makes this release ideal for them. On the other hand, Apple's big fans wouldn't be keen on such a release, since they feel that iPhones are losing their value by becoming cheaper.

Even if Apple really intends to release a cheaper iPhone, Apple's fans should not worry. They won't be neglected, since a new iPhone is on its way too, sooner or later. Thus, Apple could target some big new markets and also maintain their loyal fans throughout the world. It does make sense to us, but what about Apple's point of view?

We just have to wait and see.

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