Samsung has finally decided about the date that the new Galaxy Note will be launched and as it seems, it will be in the 29th of August.

After all these rumors and speculations about the release of the brand new Galaxy Note, Samsung announced that they will launch it at the Mobile Unpacked event in Berlin, in the 29th of August. It was confirmed by a spokesman of Samsung to Reuters, although he preferred not to give any other details.

Galaxy Note was a huge success back in 2011, with its 5.3-inch screen and  the Android Ice Cream Sandwich capturing everyone's attention. The fact that it was something between a smartphone and a tablet, created a new need for many of us, the need to have an extra device. And since it was carefully made to compete with the best, it had received great reviews by geek fans. According to Samsung, 7 million Galaxy Notes have already been sold, raising the standards for the new model.

Samsung feels that after the release of the popular Galaxy S III smartphone, another release of a popular smartphone/tablet would be at a perfect timing. They know that they are finally among the powerful at the market and they need to live up to the customers' expectations. Many Samsung fans anticipate for the release of the new Galaxy Note. And the fact that it will be released before Google's Nexus 7 and before the brand new iPhone, means that they need to convince customers as fast as possible.

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