Rubberduck, a provider of streaming mobile TV services, announced support for a wide range of new touch phones, through an in-house developed Java application.

Rubberduck already supports smartphones such as the iPhone and Android-based devices through downloadable apps and offers various services through its recently announced HTTP-streaming architecture.

According to Rubberduck, the Java app is a natural extension of this product portfolio, and supports touch phones from a wide range of manufacturers such as Samsung, LG, Nokia and SonyEricsson. The app is fully compatible with the company’s content management system and streaming infrastructure.

“Our new Java app extends support for our mobile-TV services to a wide range of touch phones, which are wide spread in the market. This will extend our reach and make it more attractive to watch TV on your mobile also for those who don’t have the most expensive high-end phones,” said Managing Director of Rubberduck, Erling Paulsen.

The company also said that they had experienced a brisk upturn in traffic in 2009, where streaming numbers increased by some 75 percent, much due to the launch of a new iPhone client.

The Java client also runs on Symbian devices from Nokia and Sony Ericsson ahead of a dedicated app, expected with the launch of Symbian^4 in 2011.

Rubberduck claims that the combination of touch interface and large screen has been a catalyst for mobile-TV adoption, “and with ever more competing platforms, ensuring a base level of touch support via Java is a crucial step to delivering a premium experience to the widest possible audience.”

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