With all the advancements that have been made on the smartphone, it is easy to think that there isn’t anything new that can be added to it. However, Oppo has been able to prove many people wrong with the unveiling of their latest smartphone Find 7. What is remarkable about Oppo’s Find 7 is its ability to shoot 50 megapixel images.

This is the highest specs ever in the history of the Smartphone. Oppo's Find 7 software is able to use a 13 megapixel camera to turn photos into 50 megapixel images. Even the Nokia Lumia hasn’t gotten to this capacity as it only provides 41 megapixel images. Although the Find 7 is being launched in China, it will be available to the rest of the world beginning next month.

In addition to the phenomenal camera setting, Oppo’s Find 7 will also have the following specifications: A 5.5-inch quad HD display, that is (2,560 ×1,440) pixels, 3000mAh battery, 3GB RAM, 32GB storage micro card slot that is able to support up to 128GB external storage, Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 2.5 GHz processor and is Android 4.3 with custom color OS.

As is evident from the specifications, the processor , display and RAM are very high as compared to other smartphones, and all this topped up with a 50 megapixel camera makes the Find 7 a must have. This device is set to be priced at $599. They also have a second version, the Find 7a with lower specifications that will retail at around $499, $100 less than the Find 7. The Oppo’s Find 7a will have a 1,920×1080 pixels display, 2.3 GHz processor, 2,800 mAh battery and 16 GB storage. It is evident that Oppo’s Find 7 will take the smartphone sector by storm and will be one of the most sought after smartphone soon!

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