Panasonic has come out to strongly support their latest technological advancement in the 4K TV technology, claiming that it is bound to succeed as there is more drive to it as compared to the 3D that has really failed to gain attention in the market. Although Panasonic 4K TV costs approximately $4100, which is quite a large amount to be spent on a TV, they are optimistic that the 4K TV will rise.

The product manager of Panasonic, Craig Cunningham on being questioned by Trusted Reviews  on whether the drive that is behind the 4K is greater than the 3D  revealed that the race to shift to 4k and to get it out there where more and more content is going to be shot in 4K. According to him, 3D still has a place in home entertainment and that they have learnt from the failings of 3D in that there was lack of content  when the 3D was unveiled hence causing the technology  not to rise. He pointed out that the main concern for the customer is if the 4K TV is great and whether they would be able to get content to play on it.

Despite this concern the Japanese manufacturer hopes that the 4K TV will be an easy sell especially in the UK market. This is because it is easy to see the deference in picture quality between the HD TV and the 4K TV.

Despite the fact that the lack of 4K content will make the rise of 4K a little bit slow, Panasonic is confident that by the end of the year there will be a lot of 4K content  available . They are also taking measure to facilitate this by enabling their cameras to shoot 4K so that more 4K content can be created. He also added that sporting events could play a major role is the rise of 4K.

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