Nokia has decided to promote its popular Lumia 900 phone, not in the conventional way, but rather with a more creative idea.

In order to promote the pink Lumia 900 phone, they decided to launch a matching pink nail polish. "Nokia Lumia Pink" was designed by Duality Cosmetics and in case you are interested in buying it, it will only be available at one-day (and only) events in Dallas, Denver and Los Angeles. Moreover, if you attend these events, you will also be able to receive manicure and pedicure, in pink color of course. If you are not into pink, Nokia Lumia 900 also comes in white, black and cyan. However, pink is Nokia's latest release for Lumia 900, which justifies their need to promote it as much as possible, turning the smartphone into an accessory.

According to Valerie Buckingham, director of marketing for Nokia North America:

“phones are in your back pocket all day [and should represent] the most personal parts of your style.”

Thus, Nokia Lumia 900 Pink targets women that need to match their smartphone with their colorful style. It is part of Nokia's efforts to boost sales, struggling to keep up with the high smartphone competition. Although Nokia Lumia phones started selling at a satisfactory rate, they have recently seen a drop in their price, in order to remain at the game.

Can Nokia make it with such marketing ideas, though?

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