Samsung has made some promises this year at CES 2012. Let’s see if they are able to keep them until the end of this year. Many, if not almost all the smartphones of today fail to stay charged even a day-light.

Since the processors have become dual-core or even quad-core, the amount of memory and the display size have increased as well as internet access speeds, it is increasingly difficult, if not impossible, for a mobile phone to resist even 6-8 hours on a single recharge. How many of you carry in your pocket the battery charger or have at least 2 – one at work and one at home?

"The company's goal for all smartphones launched this year is to last a whole day on a single recharge for a moderate to extensive use," said Kevin Packingham, Vice President of Samsung on the segment of Innovations, during an interview with CNET at CES 2012. Good news, right? We understand that the new models allow surfing the Internet for 2-3 hours, calls of at least 1-2 hours and probably 1-2 hours of music without getting discharged by the afternoon?

Packinham said the steps are quite simple; first it will move to a bigger battery for all the models and it will be working on a new way of managing resources when the phone is not used directly by the user. Since the modification time in which the phone goes from WiFi on 3G or how many applications will be open in the background, along with the size of the battery, it is assumed that they will reach a far better average than before. Packingham says that power-users will still have problems with the battery.

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