It is informed that approximately from 30,000 to 120,000 Android smartphone users are recently affected by a malware named as Droid Dream. It is believed that this malware is not a new thing and it is the same one that affected 50 applications earlier in March. According to Lookout Security, the latest malware was found in 25 and above mobile applications, which were removed earlier from Android Market by Google.

Lookout Security also informed that this Droid Dream variant is a naked version of the original Droid Dream. This malware will be automatically active whenever user invokes the receipt of “android,intent.action.PHONE_STATE intent” like an incoming call. This is indicating that this variant doesn’t need any manual response in order get triggered into action. This malware is more malicious and requires no user actions to launch.

The malware was seen light through a tip informed by a developer. This tip enabled security team of Lookout to verify instantly and found the malicious code which is almost as same earlier Droid Dream sample. It is identified that this malware was distributed from four different developers’ accounts. Some of apps that were affected due to this malware are below:

Magic Photo Studio:
• Sexy Girls: Hot Japanese.
• Sexy Legs.
• Hot Girls 4.
• Beauty Breasts.
• Sex Sound.
• Sex Sound: Japanese.
• HOT Girls 1.
• HOT Girls 2.
• HOT Girls 3.

Mango Studio:
• Floating Image Free
• System Monitor
• Super StopWatch and Timer
• System Info Manager.

E.T Tean:
• Call End Vibrate.

• Quick Photo Grid.
• Delete Contacts.
• Quick Uninstaller.
• Contact Master.
• Brightness Settings.
• Volume Manager.
• Super Photo Enhance.
• Super Color Flashlight.
• Paint master.

As a precautionary measure, it is suggested every Android smartphone user to consider installation of apps from trusted source and it is essential to verify the reviews and developer name. It is essential to give more concern towards the permissions that are prompted by the app during its installation process. It is also vital to observe the unusual behavior of the phone and keep the device well equipped with a mobile security app.

The latest situations with Android Market is clearly informing all the Android smartphone users the necessity of a mobile security app. Definitely end user is suffering a lot though the situation is affecting badly the developers too. Developers are automatically kept at responsibility when their apps’ were ripped off and used for the malware distribution.

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