WWDC, the annual Apple conference, passed without the much awaited launch of the iPhone 5, but the company has not left their fans empty-handed, presenting, among other, the new version of the iOS 5. iOS 5 will bring over 200 new features on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch this fall, the most important being the Notification Center and the iMessage, Newsstand or PC Free systems.

The Notification Center brings together all the notifications in one location that can be easily managed while iMessage is a redesigned messaging service that allows you to send messages, pictures or videos from all the devices running on iOS 5.

Apple has listened to criticisms and has also launched the PC Free function, which gives iOS devices users the possibility of activating the product without a PC connection.

With the new iOS 5 and iCloud, after you’ve entered your Apple ID, iCloud will integrate “into the cloud” all the applications, emails, contacts, photos and music, all without the need to be connected to a computer.

iOS 5 provides Twitter integration for most applications, so you can access the tweet functions from Photos, Safari, Camera, Maps and YouTube, with a single touch.

For the fans of magazines and newspapers, the new iOS 5 comes with Newsstand, a new way of organizing the subscriptions, more elegant and more intuitive.

Safari has also undergone some improvements, including the Reader mode that makes easier reading the text.

Other improvements that come along with the new iOS 5 are related to the Game Center, mail or keyboard.

IOS 5 beta is already available for developers, and the final version will be available for free in this fall for iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPad and iPad 2, but also for the fourth and third generation of iPod touch.

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