At this year’s Mobile World Congress Intivation has announced that they have partnered with Umeox to unveil the world’s first solar powered smartphone: Apollo. It runs on Android 2.2, has a touch screen and all the bells and whistles, and still comes at a super affordable price. This was one of the attractions of the show.

The company also announced their third-generation SunBoost technology platform, and the Smart Cell as part of it.

For the last couple of years Intivation have been developing and testing their proprietary technology and they are working to create a new market segment of solar powered portable electronic devices.

Based in Amsterdam (HQ), Hong Kong, Nairobi, and Rio de Janeiro, the company develops and markets highly innovative, proprietary SunBoost technology that increases the power output of solar cells making a solar powered device that works.

Intivation partners with some of the world’s leading ODMs, and has broad experience integrating solar power solutions in portable consumer electronics.

At the Mobile World Congress we talked to Paul Naastepad, the company’s CEO.

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