Mozilla has recently announced its plan to associate with smart phone manufacturers and launch new products priced under the $50 mark for the emerging markets.

Primarily Mozilla is targeting this market because it offers a lot of revenue potential and with 60% of all cell phone consumers being smartphone users, Mozilla expects to see a high level of acceptability in this market, especially because it’s one that has been ignored for some time by high end Android smartphone manufacturers. The projected Firefox operating system for these low-cost mobile phone devices will offer an alternative to the higher priced android or iOS systems.

Mozilla’s senior vice president, Li Gong believes there are huge opportunities in emerging markets where consumers want smart phones at affordable prices. Mr. Gong goes on to say that his company plans on procuring a 10% market share of the smartphone industry, although he didn't say when this would happen.

These under $50 priced phones would be ideal for emerging markets like China, India, Latin America and other countries. Several smartphone manufacturers are excited about the project and have already started manufacturing the devices.

Mozilla, currently in the testing phases of the new Firefox OS system, says there are 18 major telecommunications organizations supporting this new OS. Mr. Gong goes on to say that this new mobile software is lighter, and uses less memory compared to the Google android or Apple iOS, yet offers the same performance. Mozilla expects to launch it’s first Firefox OS powered devices sometime this year in Brazil through the Telefonicas, commercial brand, Vivo.

Google, in an effort to stay on top of its game, is considering this option as well, and may plan on launching their own low cost mobile devices powered on the chrome mobile operating system.

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