A solid band of engineers decided to leave Nokia in 2012 and went on their way to developing a Meego-derived operating system dubbed as “Sailfish”. The development process was quite successful and this led the band of engineers to their next problem: they needed a new vehicle to host the software. The answer now comes in the form of the newest and the first Jolla phone that is known to be as “quirky” as the OS that it operates on.

In addition to its dual-core processor, a 4.5-inch display screen, 4G capabilities, an 8-megapixel camera, a microSB slot, and 16GB of onboard storage, the most striking feature of this new phone is its contrasting removable back cover. Believe it or not, this new Jolla phone has the capacity to detect which back cover is attached to it and automatically change its display theme to match the cover that it detects. In addition to that, the covers currently available for this new smartphone comes in slightly different forms, giving users a unique smartphone every time they change back covers. The new Jolla phone is a shape shifter that will surely fit consumers’ shifting tastes.

Despite the fact that it runs on its own Sailfish OS, developers at Jolla maintain that the newest and the first Jolla phone will be “Android-compliant”. Since the phone is based on an OS that was based on Meego, an OS that initially powered the Nokia N9, skeptics are worried about this claim. The main concern that people have about the phone’s Android compatibility is the selection of applications that will be available for the Jolla phone and the means through which users will be able to download them. Other than that, consumers are excited to see how the best and the most popular Android apps will be made to fit this new Android-compliant Jolla phone.

The first Jolla phone made its debut on selected European countries and is set to roll out in the rest of the world in the months to come. Set to cost consumers around $500 dollars for a single unit, it falls just within the reasonably priced smartphone category, especially when its unique features are considered. Looks like the quirky public finally got the quirky smartphone that it has been looking for.

More info: Jolla, Sailfish

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