The following month will be very important for Microsoft, since they are about to launch the highly anticipated Windows 8. Along with Windows 8, we are also expecting the Windows Phone 8 handsets, which are also expected to increase Microsoft's share in the mobile market.

Microsoft is having an event on October 29 in San Francisco, inviting the journalists to "meet Windows Phone 8". As it seems, Microsoft is about to announce the release of the brand new Windows 8 handsets and reveal all the details that are related to them. From what we already know about Windows Phone 8, it will be compatible with all the Windows 8 devices, being an extension of Windows 8. What's more, Windows Phone 8 will have a customizable start screen, but it will also feature the NFC technology.

As for the phones, there will be handsets from HTC, Samsung, Huawei and Nokia, with the latter being the big advocate of Windows Phones lately. There is also a rumor that Microsoft will create a Surface device with Windows Phone 8, but there isn't a confirmation yet, which means that we have to be patient for it.

What we know for sure, is that Microsoft has high expectations on the big release of Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8, hoping to boost their income during the highly profitable holiday period. Although we have already reported the disappointment of the Windows Phone 7 owners, Microsoft is aware of the big competition in the mobile industry and they can only have a share with ambitious projects. And Windows Phone 8 is definitely one of them.

More details about Windows Phone 8 at the end of the month then.

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