In conjunction with Mobile Payments Latin America (Dec 5-6, Miami), M for Mobile have released the latest most comprehensive White paper on Mobile Payments in Latin America. The White paper offers you expert insight into the most lucrative areas on mobile payments in Latin America in order to make sure your business plan is on trend and ahead of the game.

Due to the rapid uptake and developments within mobile payments sector, the biggest and most forward-thinking companies are capitalizing on the industry's critical growth phase.  Through a bespoke survey conducted on just under 100 senior level Latin American industry experts, the exclusive 14 page White paper covers the main areas including Regulation, by assessing legal clarity and the rules for your organization.  It discusses security and how to create trust and confidence for the consumer, as well as value-proposition and the commercial value of establishing common goals when marketing your product.  Interoperability is also analysed and the technical advances to overcome this, as well as mass adoption and the operational strategy when building successful relationships throughout the ecosystem.

You will also gain insight into which mobile payment technologies you should adopt (SMS, Direct Carrier Billing, Cloud-Based, EMV chip, NFC, Bluetooth) and insight in to the competing technologies you are up against, time frames for mass adoption and Case Studies on mobile payment initiatives to knowledge from and use in your organization’s strategy.

Click here to view the 14 page exclusive white paper on Mobile Payments Latin America.

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