RIM’s plans for its soon-to-be unveiled BlackBerry OS 5.0 include an overhaul of maps and messaging options.

BGR reports that the Canadian smartphone maker is bringing in new maps features, including displaying the address location of a message – such as email, text or PIN.

They are identifed by the OS and will bring up the location in Maps.

Maps will also render around two times faster, while lagging will no longer occur when scrolling around and zooming in.

Other Maps improvements include a lot of new towns, cities, counties and countries being included and the ability to display geotagged images on Maps, according to BGR.

They also detail a raft of upgrades to the Calendar and Browser functions, while Storm users are to get a full-QWERTY keyboard in portrait mode.

More details are expected at WES 2009, which starts on 5th May.

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