iPhone is about to be released very soon, but the rumors keep going about it. This time there is an estimate of the units it will sell, which seem pretty impressive, if they are achieved of course.

According to Craig Berger, an analyst from FBR Capital Markets, iPhone 5 will sell 250 million units, which will bring for Apple a revenue of $144 billion! And the numbers can be even more impressive, if you consider that Apple has made $50 million from the sales of all the previous iPhones in the US market, over the last 5 years!

If you are wondering how he justifies his claims abou such a big increase in the sales, there are two major factors. The first one has to do with the loyalty of Apple's customers. When you own an iPhone you feel the need to buy the new one, evn though you might not need it and even more, even though it might not add any impressive features. This loyalty is important in the smartphone market, since Apple knows that their customers will follow them.

However, it's not just loyalty that could boost so much the sales. The second factor is Apple's intention to cooperate with Chine Mobile, the biggest carrier in the world. This deal is expected in the beginning of 2013 and it will definitely boost Apple's sales in China, which is a huge market.

Bearing these two factors in mind, Apple might see a rise in the sales with iPhone 5, but can they really sell 250 million units? Nobody can tell yet, but nobody would be really surprised either. We just have to wait for now!

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