Google takes initiative and wants to help the small and medium businesses to create websites for mobile phones. The project is called Google Mobilize and it was launched at a conference held in London. The concept involves converting web pages in order to be accessed through mobile phones.

This is the first time when Google choose to launch an application in the United Kingdom before the United States, the impulse for this being given by a research project made by the company, which revealed that 28% of Britons are using their mobile phone when making a purchase online.

"Many people are making purchases by using their smartphones, but what we do not know is that there are many sites adapted to the mobile phones, enabling them to order directly from the phone",briefs us Ian Carrington, successful sales manager of Google in Eastern and Northern Europe.

He has also announced some official statistics registered in the UK. From these, it results that 36% of the population are using a smartphone, and 20 million people are connected to the Web by phone, compared to 14 million, in 2010. Also, the number of those who once saw an ad on TV, are using their smartphone or tablet for searching additional details about the product or about the brand.

Android Market has reached 4.5 billion for the downloaded applications and games. "A year ago the figure was one billion, and it took two years to get here," said Carrington. Now, it reached one billion in 60 days. If this number will continue to grow in direct proportion to the number of daily active devices, the figure will explode by the end of the year.

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